Our Story


Our Mission

At Robyn Real Jewels, all the jewels we design are of a superior quality, and are infused with magical properties. Our beautiful jewels are created for powerful and mindful individuals all over the world.Our team aspires to bring magical, beautiful, intuitively designed jewelry to all individuals whilst being mindful of the environmental impact by exercising ethical sourcing and fair trade.By selling online, we are able to focus more on the quality of our jewels whilst avoiding commercial markups therefore, allowing us to give back on the savings to charities that are important to us

Where it all began...

Our Co-founder and Creative-Designer, Robyn Murray grew up in the multicultural and multi-ethnic Cape Town. She was lucky enough to have grown up in an artistic and creative family environment which ignited her desire to explore and discover exotic countries and different cultures. After university she packed a few of her belongings into a single backpack and travelled to Jaipur, the pink city of India, Bali & Sri Lanka. This is where she met talented silversmiths and insightful spiritual teachers from whom she had learned valuable secrets and traditional techniques. She was instantly fascinated by the array of colours and the natural beauty of India’s precious gemstones, as well as the teachings about the magical healing properties of each stone. It occurred to her that she could share this acquired knowledge with others by combining beautiful, high-quality jewels imbued with healing properties, whilst simultaneously creating opportunities for artisans and their families to earn a stable income.


Cape Town in 2015

After her amazing travels she went back to her hometown and presented her first collection at trendy Fashion Day markets in and around Cape Town. She was instantly noticed by fashion, lifestyle and interior brands that asked her to showcase her jewels in their boutiques. Robyn Real Jewels partnered up with boutiques and lifestyle shops that shared a similar vision. 5 years later Robyn Real Jewels can be found in 50 shops in Cape Town and across South Africa.

A bold move...

In 2017, Robyn made a bold move to move to Switzerland to be with the love her life, that also shares the same passion for discovering natural stones and creating silver jewellery. Soon after that she became a mom to a beautiful little girl. This inspired her to spread her vision further and expand the brand into Europe whilst managing the daily mom life.
Each jewel is inspired by Robyns own adventures and she invites you to embody her story with your own as you wear your jewel.
At Robyn Real Jewels, we’re constantly searching for avenues to reduce environmental impact and we believe that we have a commitment to taking care of our planet and urge all of you to do the same.