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The Safari Collection

Born in Africa Robyn Murray, Co-founder and Creative-Designer, pays homage to her African roots by designing a jewellery collection that embodies the true jewels of Africa - the Big Five. Named for its popularity amongst the poaching communities, the Big Five consists of the lion, leopard, rhinoceros (both south-central black and southern white species), elephant, and the Cape buffalo. Not only are these the most poached animals in Africa, they are also the most dangerous to hunt. Yet, despite their tough exterior there is beauty in their vulnerability once you stop to admire the presence of these animals. This is the premise around which the Safari Collection has been designed. It is about finding balance within the chaos.
Each animal exhibits unique characteristics that are essential to becoming a well-rounded individual.
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Mixed Moonstone

Is the most striking design in the Safari Collection. Much like the elephant in the Big Five, the Mixed Moonstone bracelet is made to stand out from the rest but its greatest power does not lie in its physical attributes, but rather, the inner strength and power to withstand the greatest battles. Wearing this bracelet will amplify emotional stability, promote emotional intelligence and produce a balance between masculine and feminine energies.
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inspired by the rhino

Magnesite Stone

Magnesite is characterized by a luminous white glow and subtle black marble effect, designed to reflect the distinct markings of the black and white rhinoceros. Both the black and white rhino are critically endangered as a result of poaching and have come close to extinction many times. As such, the rhino is recognized for its resilience and strength, so too is the Magnesite stone. When worn regularly, the Magnesite helps to decrease codependency and increase courage.
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Moss Agate Stone

Moss Agate has for long been associated with the heart chakra because of its powerful cleansing properties. It has the ability to transform negative energy into positive through the elimination of lower vibrations. The strength of the Agate is likened to that of the African buffalo, a hefty cow-like animal that wards off its enemy by forming large groups that are equal in status and come together for a common purpose. This stone is ideally worn to ward off depression and moodiness.
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inspired by the leopard

Tiger Eye Stone

Modelled after the stealthiest animal in the Big Five, the leopard, Tiger Eye Stone is known for its ability to ward off evil and curses. Wearing a Tiger Eye Stone bracelet increases awareness and improves focus. It is perfect to wear during tests or important meetings as it assists with the release of fear and anxiety.
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Red Tiger Eye Stone

The Red Tiger Eye exudes the qualities of the lion - confidence, courage and the ability to lead. Roman soldiers are believed to have worn Tiger's Eye when they went into battle because it increases strength and protection. When worn regularly the Red Tiger Eye can promote a positive attitude and expand the motivation required to achieve goals.
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The Safari Collection is created to provide you with an opportunity to connect with the source of nature by instilling within us the qualities that are needed to discover our true purpose and restore balance to the earth.

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